Wilhelm Wundt, Father of Psychology

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Wundt had many students to help him in his studies in sensation and perception, including students from the United States and Canada, resulting in him being the supervisor for 186 doctoral dissertations.

North American students included James Cattell, Lighter Witmer, E.B. Titchener, and G. Stanley Hall, with famous German students including Hugo Munsterberg and Oswald Kulpe. (Hothersall, 1984).

One of Wundt’s main methods used to investigate psychological phenomenon was introspection. To Wundt psychology was the science of experience and studying psychological phenomenon therefore involved studying conscious experience.

Through making experience the focus of his study of psychology Wundt was able to avoid discussing the relationship between the soul and the body, thereby distancing himself from philosophical ideas regarding the mind.

According to Wundt, no one could observe an experience better than the person having the experience and the method of introspection was therefore key in the study of psychology. The concept of introspection was not invented by Wundt but his experimental control of its use was original. (Schultz, 1975).

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